In a northern land, the sun hardly sets. It’s time for a festival of light, of nightless nights. Waves are restfully meeting the pebble stones on the shore of a small lake - a wooden house stands between the lake and a forest of long long pine trees. There is smoke coming from the chimney.

This is the Tangosauna. Where the beautiful, divine creatures we’ve become to know as tango dancers, come once a year to bathe under the midnight sun, embrace each other on the dance floor and refresh spiritually.

On the Friday morning, these people start gathering to a Country Club in the middle of the woods, first DJ takes the stage and sauna is being warmed.


Fifth edition of Tangosauna: 29 June - 1 July 2018



Registration is open for one week, from Monday February 19th until Sunday February 25th. After that, we will look at all registrations received during this week in one go. We will do our best to balance the event between leaders-followers, nationalities and regions to create the best possible Tangosauna experience.

Tangosauna is limiting entry to accepted registrants only and no tickets will be sold at the venue. Tangosauna has space for 170 dancers, about 60% foreign dancers and 40% local, Finnish dancers. 



To be announced - Stay tuned! 



All participants will stay in the same area as the marathon event, the lovely Country Club at Vierumäki Sport Institute. Some rooms are located in the same building as the dance floor, other rooms are located a couple of minutes walk away.

We have an amount of both double and single rooms available and a limited amount of wooden cabins for groups.




Note: These prices are for 2017. 2018 prices will be available soon!

Total package price depends on your choice of accommodation:

Double Room
245/257 €/person

Single Room
357 €/person

Triple Room
237 €/person

Lakeside cabin
245 €/person 

What is included in the price?

At least 37 hours of dancing, at least 14 hours of sauna, accommodation from Friday to Sunday in well-equipped rooms, 3 brunches, 2 buffet dinners and 2 night soups.

NOTE: The price is due in two parts. It is obligatory for all the participants to sleep in the Country Club where the event is organized. No exceptions! The prices don't include alcoholic beverages. 



Sauna is a great way to relax and refresh both physically and mentally. In Finland there are almost 3 million saunas (and only 5 million people)! Here, the sauna is not just any “thing” you go to for leisure. It’s a cultural institution passed on for generations.

The sauna is not to be afraid of. A good temperature lies around 80°C and the meaning is not to stay in as long as you can, the sauna is not a competition. In Tangosauna we have 2 lakeside saunas, one for men and other for women. You can go in with your swimming suit, with a towel or just naked, as you prefer. The early morning sauna is a mixed sauna for both men and women.
Towels are provided in the rooms, but are not changed daily - it is a good idea to bring your own towel for the sauna.