Sauna is a great way to relax and refresh both physically and mentally. In Finland there are almost 3 million saunas (and only 5 million people)! Here, the sauna is not just any “thing” you go to for leisure. It’s a cultural institution passed on for generations.

The sauna is not to be afraid of. A good temperature lies around 80°C and the meaning is not to stay in as long as you can, the sauna is not a competition. In Tangosauna we have 2 lakeside saunas, one for men and other for women. You can go in with your swimming suit, with a towel or just naked, as you prefer. The early morning sauna is a mixed sauna for both men and women.

Sauna is a Finnish institution, and plays an important role not only in private households but also in Diplomatic issues. It is not common to have much chitchat in the saunas: the things that are said in a sauna ARE important. The Finnish long time president Urho Kekkonen became known for diplomatic sauna sessions with world leaders: there was no going out before an issue had been talked through. This was not only effective but also kept relationships on an informal level.
In Finland sauna is not sexual. It is a place to relax, refresh and clear thoughts. It's an honor to be invited to someone's private sauna - it shows trust and is an invitation to share an experience that necessarily needs no words at all.

Towels are provided in the rooms, but are not changed daily - it is a good idea to bring your own towel for the sauna.


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